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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Color and Perm in the same day?
Yes, but the preferred method is to wait one week, in between. The perm should go first as it will take color out if you color first.

Changes to my appointment
Please feel free to E-mail your hair questions. If you have to change your appointment please contact your personal stylist.
at 303.666.6236
T.Cuts A Salon

Do Razor haircuts cause split ends?
Razor haircuts take the ends of the hair and make them many different lengths. When they are left in this state, split ends can seem to come more readily to those different lengths. Where as a blunt cut everything is all together. However there are many advantages to Razor cutting, for example creating whispie looks.

How can I color and Highlight?How expensive is that
To color the whole head and then Highlight is really a two step process. In order to do it correctly, you should complete the overall color shampoo off, dry the hair and start again. If you do it this way your Highlight gets closer to the scalp lasting longer then doing everything in one step. Also it is not necessary to highllight every time you color the hair. If you are coloring the outgrowth once a month. This cuts your cost down. At T-cuts salon a overall color and haircut is $100. The Highlight is additonal. If the whole head is highlighted you add $95., if the top only it is $47.50. Copper and strawberry colors are very popular this spring.

How often do you stay updated?
Updates are in complete control of the stylist. Since the State of Colorado does not require additional training to renew your license, it is the discretion of the individual. Here at T-Cuts I feel it of the utmost importance to stay very current. Each spring and summer, and each Winter and Fall new trends are released. We go to hairshows to learn new techniques,and to learn these trends. Trends are also subject to the artists interpretation of them. This keeps the stylist excited as well as the customers. Trends do seem to cycle around, ususally with small twists to them then before.